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A Soldier's Redemption...Life of Gangster Shorty G

You may ask yourself, how did Lorenzo transition from a Gang Chief to a man of honor and respect... watch this documentary of his story. For more on his story, visit www.lorenzolouden.com

Video Highlight - Men of FREE, Finish Line Program Honorees

Enjoy this special video of the Men of FREE, Finish Line Program, featuring Lorenzo Louden, David McCall, and Samuel Cravens. Powerful testimonies of powerful brothers who truly are free...their stories give us all hope. If you have a loved one in prison, don't be discouraged...there is hope and you and your family can and will recover, be restored and live a redeemed life... may God's grace continue to sustain you and give you strength...




A Soldier’s Redemption is a true, candid, no holds barred story of infamous former Gangster Disciple, Lorenzo Louden aka “Shorty G”.  His story immerses you in the notorious world of gangs taking you on a bone-chilling ride through the streets of 1970s Chicago. While serving 17 years behind bars, his militant rule of the underworld expanded from the streets to the prisons until a spiritual encounter directed his journey out of the darkness onto a miraculous path of purpose and possibility. 

“Lorenzo Louden was a big gangbanger—but by showing him humanity, we showed him a whole different way of life. I always knew that when he was released, it would be a do-or-die situation. He was going to have to make the break one hundred percent. And, he did it. He made a complete transformation.”

~ Paula Mills, Former Correctional Counselor II, Logan Correctional Center


“What Lorenzo Louden has done with his life since he got out of prison is unbelievable. I’m so proud of him. Guys like him never had a chance. All I did was give him an inkling of a chance. A person is like a flower—they can’t grow without water. Give the flower water, and it miraculously comes back to life.”

~ Dan Sexton, Retired Assistant Warden of Operations, Logan Correctional Center